Miguel Angel Diaz Galeote

Welcome to The Art of Galeote, formerly known as Uniformes con Historia (www.uniformesconhistoria.com). We are updating the new galleries.

In this site you may admire and order any of the pieces which make part of the wonderful collection of unique, hand-made military figures created by Miguel Ángel Díaz Galeote, and his works in painting, illustration and modeling.

We invite you to visit our renewed photo galleries, which will enable you to admire more clearly and in detail the amazing work by Miguel Angel Diaz Galeote.

All of them are faithful to the original uniforms and costumes: they have been modelled after a painstaking, thorough process of historical and bibliographic research.

In addition to the figures available in this site, Miguel Ángel Díaz Galeote makes his art and know-how available to anyone: should you wish to own any military uniform or warrior costume whatsoever, do not hesitate to ask him to make it for you!

Different institutions such as the spanish MUSEUM OF THE ARMY and celebrities such as the famous writer ARTURO PÉREZ-REVERTE, are profound admirers of the masterpieces made by the artist from Cadiz. Some of these pieces have been lent unselfishly to various events.

The site will also give you the chance to browse through Miguel Ángel Díaz Galeote's work and art exhibitions.

You are invited to follow us in an outstanding trip through military and warrior History sorted by states/civilisations/countries.

Should you have any question or demand, please do not hesitate to contact us.