The making of each figure follows a series of steps:

RESEARCH - Thorough research of the available documents regarding costumes and uniforms of the time, arms and accesSories.

MODELING - Once the figure has been chosen (either standing or equestrian), the modelling is completely handmade. THE SIZE IS BETWEEN 30 cms to 35 cms, WITH A ESCALE 1/7 FOR STANDING FIGURES AND 1/9 FOR EQUESTRIAN FIGURES.

UNIFORMS - Once modelled, the artist provides to add the textile parts - which are subsequently polychromed - necessary to accurately recreate the uniform. Accesories such as buttons, stripes, belts, etc. are added. In this phase all kind of materials are used: leather, metal, wood, etc.

WEAPONS - As shown in the pictures, weapons are also extremely accurate to the originals (swords, sabers, guns, muskets, rifles, bayonets, etc.) They are also completely handmade. As for costume accesories, weapons are made using the original materials, namely wood, brass, aluminium, steel, etc.

PRESENTATION - Figures are shown on a complementary wooden base. A metal plaque identifies the model.